HDR – Inside Leeds Town Hall

HDR – Inside Leeds Town Hall

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Test from MarsEdit beta

This is another test, this time from another blogging platform, MarsEdit (actually the Beta) and it looks like this works nicely.

I’m going to try and add a picture now:


Test from Deepest Sender in Firefox 2 Beta

Hi, I’m just testing the Deepest Sender extension for Firefox, and also the Beta RC3 of Firefox itself on Mac OSX, to see if this posts to my WordPress blog succesfully.  If you can see this, then I guess it can.  Let’s see what a picture looks like:

Lifelike Doll

That was a bit fiddly to get right due to having to use the HTML snippet Flickr requires.  It would be good if this integrated Flickr like Flock and my Vox (ever so fun/pretty but limited external services) blog do so very well!  But if I want to stick with Firefox, then this isn’t too bad to play with.  I’m going to try and find some other 2.0 compatible extensions for blogging as well.  Any extension suggestions very welcome!

How does this video look to you?

I wanted to post and test how video looks on this WordPress blog.


Alfie and Sophie, videoed on my V3i.

If this looks a bit quiet, check my other blog…

I am experimenting at the moment with blogging platforms, so if it looks like nothing is happening here, it may be because I am rambling at my Vox blog, so please have a look there too.

A strange thing happened the other day…

A strange thing happened to me the other day, I was putting out our lovely wheelie bins around 11pm last week and I noticed something move off the road and between the cars. I thought at first it was a cat, but it was too high off the ground to be a cat. So then I thought it was a dog, but as I looked down I saw, staring very calmly back at me, a young fox (I’m going to say him for now as it seemed like a cheeky young male).

He was just stood next to me, watching what I was doing. I live near the country, but I’m a townie really, so I wasn’t really sure what to do. I moved my hand suddenly to see if it would scare him off, but he didn’t move, he just carried on staring back at me. So I had to walk back around him to go back through the gate, and he followed me in to the garden. I walked slowly back to the house and opened the door and he went to follow me into the house, so I shut the door quickly because I didn’t know what to do with a wild fox in the house, what if it got cornered and turned nasty? Can I get rabies from a wild fox bite?? I’m so much of a townie!!

After calling my wife downstairs to see him I opened the door again and found him just sat in the garden grooming himself. I tried to video him but my camera wouldn’t even begin to entertain the thought of videoing in such low light, so I ran and got the digicam, which also had problems focusing, plus I couldn’t see anything at all on the display. So I took a chance and just pointed it in the fox’s general direction and fired the shutter thinking the flash would scare him off. But NO, he just hung around, looking at our cats, who didn’t know what to do about him either.

I managed to chance a few more photos, some of which worked, some were really blurred, so I’ve included them here. Just thought I’d share this as it made quite an impression on me, he was so calm, and in the end, he just got bored (probably because we hadn’t fed him), and he just wandered off into another garden. I love foxes…..

(p.s. I’ve also posted this to my Vox blog which I’m trying out: http://pdm.vox.com/)

Fox in Garden 1

Fox in the Garden 3

Fox in Garden 2

iWoogie, do you?

iPod Speakers

I’ve just been reading about the iWoogie Home Audio speakers and a load of other iPod accessories by a company I’ve never heard of, Saffire.  I really like the look and specs for the iWoogie speakers, it’s got its own amplifier, video (inc. S-video) and audio outputs and remote control, a wooden enclosure and of course an iPod dock.  I look forward to reading the reviews when it is released later in the year.

Jukebox Station wit LED lighting System

But what I really liked on this site is their Jukebox product.  What a lovely thing to have in the house.  The trouble is I would need a loft-style apartment with views over some city or other to justify spending nearly $700 on it, but it has got a radio as well don’t forget!

A man can dream……